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A leading purveyor of 3D Holographic technology and media.

What is HoloVision™?

HoloVision™ is a patented interactive merchandising and communications display system that enables consumers to see high visual impact 3D images or messages “floating in space” with no eye stress or special glasses needed. With the proper infrastructure, units equipped with the HoloVision technology can be networked within a store, a mall or across the country.

Open Architecture Software Platform

Holovision runs on any open sourced media player as a standalone display, and formats the content to properly interface with the system, producing a distinguishable, high quality 3D Holographic digital video.

Strong IP

We have 18 global patents and trademarks. Our U.S.- issued patents include:

Projection system with wall structures for aerial display of three-dimensional video images

System and method for dispensing consumer products

Aerial-image display systems with a plastic mirror

Aerial display system with low cost plastic spherical mirror

Real image projection device having plastic curved mirror for improving image and correcting aberrations

Housing for a wall-mounted aerial display system

Housing for a hooded interactive aerial display system

Housing for an interactive aerial display system