An Integrated Customer Support Infrastructure


Integrated support infrastructure

Following the deployment of the 3D Holographic displays or kiosks, service and maintenance are essential to ensure that all machines are operating properly. Our integrated support infrastructure has been developed to answer the critical service requirements of displays and kiosks in the field. Our company-wide dedication to service and our long-term commitment to our customers ensure that deployed 3D Holographic displays and kiosks will stay up and running at maximum efficiency.

We offer a full suite of services in the U.S. that are carried out by experienced technicians trained on our systems.

The Installation Process


A technician will perform the following services at the site during the installation of the 3D Holographic display or kiosk:


Verify the arrival of the display or kiosk, unpack and inspect the system and components


Install the display or kiosk and connect any necessary cables, power lines, etc.


Test the system or kiosk and perform fundamental hardware and software troubleshooting


Train on-site personnel


Create an installation report and clean the area of all packing materials and debris accumulated as a result of the installation


Make a post-installation Quality Assurance call

On Site Service

Should you need service, your request will be initiated and routed through our closed-loop process that ensures the rapid repair of your 3D Holographic display or kiosk. Our streamlined process ensures minimal downtime, rapid response and world-class quality customer service.

Remote Maintenance


Our proprietary Holographic display systems are designed to have 24/7 access and be seamlessly integrated for remote management. This allows administrators to maintain a disperse network of Holographic displays or kiosks from a single, central location, enabling technicians to isolate and resolve system problems as they occur – without having to visit individual kiosks.

Real-time remote monitoring for technical errors

Remote management is key to efficient system or kiosk network administration and is crucial in minimizing total cost of ownership. Our suite of remote management tools allows cost-effective monitoring of large, complex and geographically dispersed networks. We provide the ability to remotely monitor your display or kiosk in real-time for technical errors and can provide for an automated response via email or phone.

Benefits of remote administration and diagnostics

The benefits of remote administration and diagnostics are realized through faster response times to critical issues and the ability to use off-site technical specialists for problem solving and system repair. This results in more uptime and satisfied customers.


Remote maintenance is an essential function of any distributed display or kiosk deployment. Ideally, a single, centralized workstation allows an administrator to check the status of and update all display or kiosk files, including operating system, applications, configuration and media files.