Custom Solutions

Customize Your Display System to Match Your Needs 

From how your display looks to how your customers can engage with it, we offer a variety of customizable options to help fit your business’ needs. 

HoloVisionTM Shrouds and Facades 

We offer a wide variety of custom engineered decorative shrouds and/or facades for our HoloVisionTM line of products. The shrouds and facades dress up your projects quickly, easily and cost efficiently. 

One piece slip-over and clam-shell shrouds are available for a variety of HoloVisionTM products. 

Decorative shroud benefits 

A technician will perform the following services at the site during the installation of the 3D Holographic display or kiosk: 

  • Distinctive for your environment 
  • Lightweight, easy to install 
  • Virtually maintenance free 
  • Durable, strong and built to last 
  • Non-conductive material for safety 
  • Standard or custom colors are available 
  • Custom finishes available

3D Air TouchTM  

Our Air TouchTM interactive system allows you to actually “touch” the 3D holographic image, and interact with the floating object to make something happen. Acting much like a traditional computer ‘mouse-click’, the Air Touch interactive option can be programmed to do many things.

Utilizing a combination of cameras, electronics and software, our Air Touch system allows true interactivity with its 3D holographic displays, and is adaptable to all models: HL17, HL29, and HL40. 

Our Air Touch gesture recognition technology powers our 3D holographic interactive displays converting simple hand movements into direct mouse control in any environment. You can manipulate the screen from almost any distance.


  • Print a document like a brochure or specification 
  • Print a coupon 
  • Trigger another 3D image, change screens for more information 
  • Trigger another feature or option, like scent