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A leading purveyor of 3D Holographic technology and media.

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Engaging the consumer unlike any other media company

Our interactive display technologies deliver images that engage and inform customers at point of sale and in-store advertising locations in a dramatic and persuasive manner, thereby influencing customers in their purchase-making decisions.

Named New Product Innovation of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

We are the proud recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 North American New Product Innovation of the Year Award for our 3D Holographic Displays.

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The Future of 3D Displays

3D display revenues are forecasted to reach $22 billion by 2018. Telemedicine Kiosks with Holographic displays is predicted to be the fastest growing consumer and medical application in the coming years.

Source: NPD Group Source: marketsandmarkets.com

Market Need

$17 billion

  • Annual POS spending1


  • Rate that annual POS spending is expected to grow in the next 5 years1

$149 billion

  • Expected spending on local U.S. advertising in 2017 2
  • Print coupons are more popular than digital deals 3
  • Consumers believe digital ads more when viewed in a pharmacy 4
1. Source: POPAI 2. Source: Bia/Kelsey, 2013 3. Source: Adweek, January 2014 4. Source: Nielsen Study, March 2014

Strong IP

We have 18 global patents and trademarks. Our U.S.- issued patents include:

Projection system with wall structures for aerial display of three-dimensional video images

System and method for dispensing consumer products

Aerial-image display systems with a plastic mirror

Aerial display system with low cost plastic spherical mirror

Real image projection device having plastic curved mirror for improving image and correcting aberrations

Housing for a wall-mounted aerial display system

Housing for a hooded interactive aerial display system

Housing for an interactive aerial display system

Trusted By Our Partners:


“This was a true traffic stopper (Provision’s 3D Holographic display), I and a clutch of other shoppers, stood transfixed, voicing quiet ‘whoas....’ under our breath as if we’d just seen Laurence Fishburne make that impossible leap from the roof of a tall building in The Matrix.”

– Bill Roberson, KATU, ABC-TV Affiliate


“Manufacturers currently have over a dozen methods to reach the consumer in-store, but none can match Provision’s 3D’s ability to grab the shoppers’ attention at the point- of-purchase.”

– Gary Smith, Former EVP, Safeway


“Best 3D I’ve ever seen.”

– Gil Amelio, Former CEO, Apple Computer


“Provision ushers in the future of advertising.”

– Justin Kuepper, Accelerize New Media


“Provision has perfected the first 3D Holographic display console for retail use. The 3D Rewards Center imparts an exciting and memorable visual experience every time a Customer enters the store, for a compelling, traffic-stopping, head-turning totally engaging brand communications.”

– Lyle Bunn, Ph.D., Location-Based Media Expert

Technology Backed by Strong Leadership

Our devoted team has extensive experience with major retail and consumer-facing brands.